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Ensuring a solid, grounded service on the road

Land Freight

From first mile to last mile, our road solutions cater to every demand

Everything is connected. As a logistics service provider, we understand the value of harmonious connections between supply chain and logistics companies in running smooth operation.

Air freight and ocean freight forwarding companies as well as land freight deliveries combine to be a full circle of global movements. But no matter the mode, the final stretch is usually on the road.

We understand that protecting your brand and cargo is the top priority. Our supply chain solutions strongly commit to securing the goods and ensuring safe delivery. The stresses can be countless if the airports are feeble and borders hard to cross in landlocked countries. Our speciality is in knowing the ins and outs of the locality we work with. With strong teams on ground and intensive monitoring, we stand for being a logistics service provider that cares about your cargo as much as you do.

If your logistics outsourcing needs to be taken care of, we have the supply chain solutions systems in place from trucks to tech combined with the human touch. The start and end of the journey relies on a solid network and our land freight logistics transportation services are synced with our air freight and ocean freight logistics to provide just that.

Landlocked countries and limited infrastructure have led us to develop a range of comprehensive cross border trucking solutions and efficient documentation procedures to optimise speed. We understand the intricate challenges of customs and border regulations across nations and work cohesively to streamline these processes to reduce the impact faced by customers.

From the first mile outward to the last mile toward, we handle your land freight needs and ensure your product safely to their destination.

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What We Offer

Reliable strategic partnerships with inland carriers, Full scale non-asset-based truckload, FTL (Full truck load) or LTL (Less than truckload) service provider.

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    Fleet of large and small vehicles

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    Extensive network of transport providers

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    Consistent Monitoring and Spot Checks

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    Cross Border Solutions

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    Supplier collections

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    Solutions to maximise backhaul movements

Global Network

Together with our own network, we are backed by an international network of partners and agents who work with us to meet all your logistical needs. Faced with a challenging market or in need of an agile and adaptive partner who can get things moving? Talk to us